SCRAP accepts donations of clean, reusable materials
Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Save on disposal costs, contribute to the community, and help SCRAP divert over 250 tons of materials “too good to throw away” from landfills every year. Because of your donations, SCRAP is able to supply useful materials to school teachers, nonprofits, parents, artists and others.

Cleaning out your closets, workspace, or kids rooms? Just threw a party? Accumulating too many projects that you’ll get around to someday? SCRAP can take those leftover materials that seem “too good to throw away,” but that you no longer need.

Do you have remnants, damaged items, mill-ends, blanks or off-cuts that might be re-purposed? Holding on to outdated letterhead, display, packaging, signage, or promotional items? Cleaning out your warehouse or material library? Save money on disposal costs and get a tax-deduction for your material donations. SCRAP can take clean and usable materials that might otherwise be thrown-away.

Want to spread the ethos of REUSE at your office? Organize a SCRAP drive at your office. SCRAP can provide signage, messaging, and free pick-up. Contact us at SCRAP (at)

Our Material Donation Guide provides a detailed list of items SCRAP accepts.

Examples of materials SCRAP accepts are:

  • Art supplies (markers, paints, brushes, stamps, canvas, papers)
  • Paper (leftover letterhead, trimmed edges, mat board, foam core, fancy boxes)
  • Textiles (fabric, yarn, samples, leather, millends, patterns)
  • Signage and promotional items (used banners, foam core, flags, products)
  • Buttons, beads, wire and notions
  • Natural materials (feathers, pinecones, candles, wax)
  • Architectural & interior samples (NO glued or riveted sample books)
  • Teaching materials and toys (No text books – contact
  • Surplus, off-cuts, defects, remnants from manufacturing
  • Lab glass and plastics

SCRAP is unable to accept:

  • Hazardous, toxic, or poisonous  materials of ANY type
  • Matches, firecrackers, combustibles, or any type of flammable liquids
  • Materials containing lead
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Electronic and computer equipment
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Large items

If we can’t take your donation we will do our best to refer to you to an organization that can.

How to Donate Material

  1. Check the detailed list of items we accept. Because of space constraints, we cannot always accept all items. SCRAP reserves the right to refuse donations even if they have been approved unseen via the phone or email. Call us at 415 647-1746 or email us at donate (at) for more information.
    Donations are accepted at SCRAP 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday through Saturday, ONLY.
  2. Organize your materials. SCRAP cannot accept dirty or moldy materials. Our staff spends a lot of time sorting – we greatly appreciate labeled and neatly packed boxes.
  3. SCRAP can pick up your donation by appointment. within ten miles of SCRAP, there no charge for this service. However, we appreciate your voluntary donation of $15 for individuals, $50 for businesses,
    To arrange for a pick-up, please call SCRAP at 415 647-1746 between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and speak to our staff.
  4. Please be sure your donation is easily accessible. Our drivers are unable to move large items and are not permitted to clean up or organize donations that are not ready when they arrive.
  5. Thank you! SCRAP relies on your generous donations to supply teachers, students and artists year round.

We also rely on your financial support

Donate securely through Paypal by clicking the banner above. Multiply your impact my establishing a recurring donation. Of course, you can stop  it anytime.

SCRAP is in the midst of a campaign to raise the money necessary to replace our aging vehicle.

We have applied for grants to cover our cost for the eVan, but they are not yet assured. So, here’s how you can help. We have set up a special fund for the eVan, and I’m asking you to help us move into the age of electric transportation. Please click HERE to donate to our eVan fund. We need this vehicle and we need your help. 

To make this more fun, in late September we’ll have a drawing from among everyone who contributes and choose one lucky donor to get a ride in the new SCRAP eMobile. The van only has seating for one person, but we’ll also bring a picnic for up to six guests of the donor’s choosing, anywhere in San Francisco or within ten miles of SCRAP. To participate in the drawing, you’ll need to use the special PayPal link HERE, or note “eVan Fund” on your check.

Can you help us buy this electric truck?  
Imagine us driving this emissions-free electric van to pick up YOUR donation.

Major donors ($1000 or more) will be acknowledged permanently at SCRAP and in our newsletters. But we  appreciate your gift of any size, and hope you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of helping SCRAP continue to offer free donation pickups in our new, environmentally-approved electric truck. Please click HERE to make your gift securely through PayPal.

You can also support SCRAP when you shop at Amazon. Simply go to and chose SCRAP as your designated charity. There is no cost to you, and Amazon gives SCRAP .5% of your purchase amount.

And of course, we welcome your in-person donation at SCRAP (801 Toland St., enter on Newcomb) or by mailing a check to: 834 Toland St, San Francisco, CA 94124

We are also able to accept your gift of appreciated stock. This is a good way to avoid excess taxes while supporting your favorite charity. Call 415 647-1746 to discuss a donation of stock.

If you’d like to discuss making a planned gift to SCRAP, such as a bequest in your will or living trust, or naming SCRAP as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to work with you and/or your estate planning attorney or financial advisor to thoughtfully and properly implement your wishes. Planning for the future has no impact on your current asset balance. New York Life has generously provided us with more information. Click HERE for Estate Planning Guide.

To discuss various options for your support SCRAP, please email or call Ben Delaney, Executive Director at 415 647-1746.

Your tax-deductible donations support our great programs:

  • Free supplies for teachers
  • Low-cost creative reuse workshops
  • School field trips
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Free community outreach and educational events
  • Workforce development programs for developmentally disabled persons
  • Free workshops for teachers
  • Significant discounts for other nonprofit organizations

Your support is vital to help SCRAP build and sustain our work in the community. Donations are usually tax-deductible.

Thank YOU for your support!